Core Element

Experimenting with various dance and electronic styles and hybrids of various projects in the past, producer/composer Ben Chase teamed up with singer/songwriter Susan Daws in 1997 to produce their first song "Take Me Higher" as Core Element. This was written in Ben’s home studio but soon after they moved to a new studio location in the Perth suburb of Morley Western Australia where they currently reside.

Between 1997 and 2001 Core Element recorded the songs for the album ”Sticky Nucleus”.

Core Element has been mainly studio bound with a handful of well-received live performances. One of these was the Xpress Birthday Party of 1999 at Aberdeen in the "Aircraft Hanger".

"Our influences range from Leftfield, Wicked Beat Sound System, Everything But The Girl, Pink Floyd, Alex Lloyd, Bjork, Moloco, Garbage and a host of others that have come to us over the internet or friends, often namelessly, and have sent us scourging into the studio to put down our ideas." says Susan. "We don’t want to limit our palette however. Sometimes we like to go a bit darker and let a more triphop sound come out, or a touch of hiphop, acid jazz and R&B. But generally the songs have some kind of structure based on the vocals and we're not afraid to use a bit of guitar here and there."

"We definately don’t want to head down the popstar road. We enjoy the underground "song" scene and prefer to take a few more risks with our music. A song has a voice; it existed before we cast our eyes upon it. and we can only manifest it the way we see it. But that process is like having a baby, it brings us great joy to see it come to life." says Ben.