Vocals, Acoustic guitar, keyboards and samples Ben Chase
Drums Daniel Susnjar
Bass Paul Woseen, Kim Jones, Ben Chase, Mathew Branton
Guitar Malcolm MacKintosh, Justin Blake, Ben Chase, Tim Johnson, Paul Woseen
Additional Harmony Vocals Kim Jones





"With lyrics that can run as deep as you want to hear them. Mixed with combinations of melodic bass and guitar lines, a free movement between simple and big vocal arrangements, strings, acoustic guitars, Daniel's amazing drums mixed with samples…anything goes. The songs will often ride on a progressive and psychedelic groove. I first put the song "D Day" up on Garageband.com to test the water and to my surprise it was given several awards including #5 Best Melody All-time and #3 Best Melody Pop/Rock. And that's not even my favourite song...which happens to be "Forget the Rhyme":)" - song writer Ben Chase.

Photography and artwork - Vanessa Bantleman